2017 Oro Viride Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L Tin

2017 Oro Viride Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L Tin

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FRUITINESS: Medium                              BITTERNESS: Mild


Oro Viride is a true extra virgin olive oil created specifically for every day kitchen use.  Oro Viride is produced from only green olives which have been picked directly from the tree. The result is a fruity extra virgin olive oil which is very well balanced & has a very low value of free fatty acids & peroxides. Oro Viride is thermally stable until 220°C (425F).  More than 76 percent of oleic acid (mono unsaturated fatty acid) & an appreciable amount of polyphenols protect the oil from chemical decomposition. It is a safe & heat-resistant extra virgin olive oil which can be used for every day cooking including frying at high temperatures. It is ideal for salad dressings as well as roasting, sauteing & baking. Oro Viride has a very high quality standard & follows to very strict chemical & sensorial safety values, which are more strict than the values given from the European Union & the International Olive Council.

USES: Its color is a beautiful intense limpid golden yellow with delicate green hues. It has medium fruitiness & an ample & rotund aroma, with vegetal hints of freshly mown grass, lettuce & celery, enriched by flowery notes of lavender & fruity notes of unripe tomato & banana.  It has a fine & complex taste, with a flavour of fresh broad beans & fragrant notes of basil & field balm. Bitterness is distinct & pungency is present.