2016 Decimi Emozione Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2016 Decimi Emozione Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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MONOCULTIVAR: Moraiolo, San Felice, Frantoio, Leccino


FRUITINESS: Intense                       BITTERNESS: Bold


The fantastic Decimi Emozione was recently awarded a gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition.  Produced in Umbria, Italy its made from a blend of moraiolo, frantoio, san felice and leccino olives. With great depths of flavor its aroma is elegant and complex. Noticeable are hints of artichoke and chicory, enriched by aromatic notes of mint, rosemary and sage.  Bitterness and pungency are strong and distinct yet harmonic.

USES: It would be great on vegetable soups, salmon carpaccio, baked potatoes, legume soups, pasta with tomato sauce, grilled fish, goat cheese and baked poultry or lamb.