2016 Feudo Disisa Tesoro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2016 Feudo Disisa Tesoro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

VARIETALS: Nocellara, Biancolilla, Cerasuola


FRUITINESS: Medium                 BITTERNESS: Mild                     PUNGENCY: Medium    

This lovely extra virgin olive oil from Sicily scored a very high 96/100 in this year's Flos Olei guide. Made from a blend of nocellara del belice, biancolilla and cerasuola olives it contains aromas of medium ripe tomato, banana and white apples together with fragrant hints of basil and parsley.  Its taste is mellow and rotund with vegetal flavors of chicory, lettuce and celery. Bitterness and pungency is of a medium level and very harmonic. 

USES: It would pair well with tomato appetizers, faro salads, marinated gilthead, seared potatoes, legume soups, pasta with salmon, mussels au gratin, goat cheese, swordfish tartare and baked poultry or lamb.