Just like wine, the right extra virgin olive oil can enhance your enjoyment of the food you are eating. You want to make sure you use the appropriate oil for the dish that you're serving. In general, the rule is use milder flavored oils for milder flavored foods and use bolder oils for stronger flavored foods.  Milder oils go great with foods like eggs, pesto, baking/preparing desserts and white fish.  For foods with a little more flavor like chicken, pork, lamb, vegetables, and salads medium flavored oils are best and for stronger flavored foods like roasted meats, tuna and sword steak, lentil and bean soups, bruschetta, bitter greens and pasta with meat sauces, bolder oils are fabulous! For some recipe suggestions using our oils, feel free to check out our blog!



                       Mild Oils                          Medium Oils                              Bold Oils